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We manufacture technologically innovative and versatile foodservice equipment, and back them with highly knowledgeable teams of support experts. Established as a conventional fabrication unit, PKR Equipment Pvt. Ltd , today is a turnkey solution provider in the field of Industrial Kitchen equipment . We constantly build upon our history of proven innovation and customer-focused results with new products and services that improve Indian food service operations.

Why Switch to Induction

High Efficiency

Induction cooktops are 90% effective, while gas and electric cooktops are 40% and 65% efficient, respectively.

Cooking Time efficiency

Induction Ranges minimise cooking time by at least 20% due to higher efficiency and faster heating.

User Friendly

It's a lot easier to use with 8+ stage power modes, temperature control, auto tilting technology, and an easy to clean induction surface.

Temperature Control

Induction cooktops can function at a wide range of temperatures, all of which can be precisely controlled.

It's suitable for use in ac halls

In banquet halls, IT buildings, and outdoor catering, the use of a fireless cooking method is recommended.

Environment Friendly

Induction cooking is an environmentally friendly product since it does not use fossil fuels and uses electricity efficiently.

Induction Benefits:

No Atmosphere heat:

Induction technology uses electromagnetic energy to heat pots and pans directly, thereby reducing the ambient heat.


Since induction cooktops do not use flame or gas lines, they are inherently safer than gas burners. For example, dropping a piece of paper on a hot cooktop would not cause a fire.

Cost Advantage:

When opposed to gas, it saves more than 40% of the money and needs very little maintenance.

Return on Investment:

As opposed to gas, investors can save a lot of money and get a faster return on their investment.

Boost employee morale:

Because of the pleasant working climate, low ambient heat, and user friendliness. It aids in the improvement of employee morale.


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